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Various crypto payment solutions for your business.

Accept Crypto Currency and Get Payment in Your Desired Fiat

Our platform allows you to receive payments in various cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, DASH, ZEC, BTG, BCH. But you can convert it anytime into your local fiat and get paid in USD, EUR, GEL or TRY. We allow your clients to make a transfer in cryptocurrency and you to get paid in your desired fiat currency. What’s important - you have ZERO volatility risk and get exactly what your product price is!

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Why Choose CityPay

We aim to build relationships and create a strong, trustworthy community by simplifying connection between traditional and digital financial industries.


We offer flexible service. Which will offer comfort to you and to your customer.


CityPay provides guaranteed security and indisputable simplicity in payment processes.


Crypto payments are much faster than traditional means of currency transaction.

Cost Effective

With our service you can accept Crypto payments for lowest fee. No extra or hidden fee.

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